Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Their Easter Finery

Here is Kwamai all dressed for the Easter Vigil. It was a very long Mass of course, and Kwamai was excited to recognize the service of light from the Holy Saturday atrium time that morning. But he was also wired to the hilt and sitting still was out of the question, until he just zonked out about 2.5 hours into the Vigil.

Miss Felicity did not consent to posing for a picture as she was absorbed in her book. But I did manage to capture her pretty curls which she allowed me to put in clips for the evening. She was out like a light early on in the Mass, and didn't wake despite my flipping her from arm to arm. But when she finally did awake she desperately wanted a drink of water, so I helped her drink out of the sink in the bathroom -- our only option at the time!

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