Tuesday, April 3, 2007

And Then There Was Today... Part Two, the Potty Story

Ok, so by the end of today I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, wondering if there are awards for Mommies somewhere for enduring days like this. (Yeah, right!)

We came home from grocery shopping, immediately after the Lip Episode, and I figured (correctly) that by this time Felicity needed to go potty. I took her up, and I could tell she was doing a poo as I read her her newest favorite selection from the library, a book about Firefighters. After we read that 5 or 6 times, she opted for looking through a Catholic catalogue with lots of pretty statues, etc, rather than concluding her potty business with the customary wipe off.

So, I left her to peruse for a few moments while I went down to put something on for dinner. A moment later, I thought I heard her get up off the potty, so I went up to officiate over the closing ceremonies.

But not only had Felicity gotten off the potty, she had taken out the little bucket from inside the potty chair and was in the process of dumping it into the toilet. Which was all fine and good, except....

It hadn't been what we refer to in the Hosdil household as a "good, solid poo". So, somehow, as she was depositing the potty contents into the toilet, she got it in the toilet to be sure, but also on the toilet, on the floor, on her shoe, on her dress and on her face. Oh dear.

One sponge bath later, she was feeling fine.

Fortunately, Erol came home from work with a story about Something Completely Different, so we had a nice relaxing dinner despite it all.

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Papa Gramma said...

Never mind Felicity, you`ve caught up to your auntie Leyla, who did a similar trick at about age 2, smearing diaper contents all over the crib and nearby walls, at her aunt Betty`s place! At least I wasn`t the one to clean it up!