Tuesday, April 17, 2007

News Flash! Kwamai Gives Up Thumb!

Kwamai recently decided to give up sucking his thumb, which ultrasound revealed he began before he was born. In his words, he decided he was giving it up for Easter. His motives are very altruistic: his poor thumb has actually become damaged by his continual sucking. He has a callous on his knuckle which is now as hard an orange peel, since he no longer is lubricating it. So, he has given up sucking his thumb out of love for his dear thumb, which he wants to see healed and grow normal again. He informed me this morning that he has gone four nights without sucking it.

I am so glad to not have pursued any way of forcing a stop. It would be a shame to miss my chance to witness this kind of maturity in the making.

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