Friday, April 6, 2007

Holy Triduum with Our Kiddos

Yesterday and this morning we attended a special Atrium session at Holy Rosary parish. This was open to all kids involved in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, as well as all kids in the city. There was quite a crowd both days. Tomorrow will be the final gathering of this sort.

These have been great opportunities for the kids to think about the Lord's Passion. I appreciate seeing how the catechists present profound truths in a very simple way, through concrete means like maps, figurines, etc.

I noticed something interesting about Kwamai today. I watched him during the Atrium time, and he was fully attentive, absorbed, and smiling the whole time. The kids were given little presents -- sunflower seeds in a growing cup -- and he was ecstatic. He was reluctant to leave and insisted to me several times that they weren't really finished, even after most of the kids had left. And yet, when we got to the car, he insisted that he didn't like it, didn't have any fun, and just did "praying stuff" (said with exaggerated tone of something dorky). Seems he has a hard time saying he likes something.

Last night we went to the Mass of the Lord's Supper. Felicity was excited to hear the Gloria and belted out the parts she knows. The servers rang the bells throughout, which was fascinating to her. Kwamai had his shoe and sock off ready to get his foot washed (even though he wasn't chosen as an Apostle!). Felicity started to lose patience a bit towards the end as she kept telling me "Let's just go, Mama!" But then she changed her refrain as we got our coats to "Let's eat the donut!" Fr. Tuttle has her well trained to expect donuts after every Mass!!

Kwamai was excited to hear there's a service this afternoon :) We will go at 3 for the Divine Mercy chaplet just before the Service of the Lord's Passion. Tomorrow night is the Easter Vigil! Then, Kwamai and Felicity both are looking forward to having the Burton's over for Easter dinner, and going to their house on Easter Monday as Bernadette is confirmed.

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