Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vocational Adjustment

Kwamai has decided he wants to design weapons for the army (we decided this would be called mechanical engineering), AND be a baker (confectionery engineering).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Re-Touched Hair Do

Just so Felicity doesn't come to me in four years and say "Oh, Mother, I can't bu-lieeeeeeeeve you put my picture on the blog looking like that," I decided I should supplement with a half-way decent hair-do shot.

Snip, Snip

So, it looks like Felicity's tangle issues have been resolved. I snipped off the bottom inch or so of her lovely golden locks, whilst dousing her hair in conditioner. It seems to have done the trick. She still really needs her two-tiered bangs to be up in a pony tail, but as we are having a day in today, she has the casual look.

Here, for good measure, is what the male Hosdils are up to this afternoon:

Papa's having a nap while Kwamai reads his Superman comic book.

What's the price of a clean room?

Why, a completely trashed room, of course.

Yesterday Kwamai, Felicity and I spent some time cleaning Kwamai's room, which sort of doubles as the play room, as there currently is no bed in it. I should say, Felicity spent some time in his room, and some time in the other bedroom, uh, preparing us for the next cleaning expedition.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Early Morning Conversation

In the misty early morning today, as Felicity and I were cuddling, she asked me:

F: Mama, what color is Kwamai's skin?
M: It's a brownish color.
F: Chocolate is also brown.
M: Maybe Kwamai is made out of chocolate.
F: (Giggles)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Needed: Super Detangler

I looked into recipes today to make hair detangler. Felicity could use it right about now. She will, thankfully, let me put her hair up, which hides the fact that the back of her hair looks all a mess. I pick out bits of lint every time we wash her hair, but it seems to multiply faster than I can get it out. Sometimes I just have to do a stealth attack and quickly pull a brush through it. Her hair really is a delicate fiber (just as the "Curly Girl" author says of all curly hair). Her hair doesn't look that curly right now with the dry weather, but it sure is delicate and it sure is fine. It actually stretches when I brush it.

We might just have to take the risk that we will be cutting off all her curls permanently and give her a shorter hair do. Supposedly that makes hair grow in thicker, and hopefully that will help her to de-lint.

It's Official

Kwamai is officially at the stage where he doesn't want me to kiss him. And Felicity is officially hitting the stage of "individuation." In other words, she throws a fit when things don't go her way. The good part about that is that her fits are not thrown with quite the ferocity as Kwamai's once were, so it is not so hard to be patient through them. She does scream a lot louder, though.

They are both busy growing up!