Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chamber Music

This evening we went to Franciscan University's Chamber Music Society spring concert. Kwamai was excited to hear the music, and lasted about two movements. Erol whisked Felicity in just as the music began, and she lasted about a movement and a half. In both cases, longer than I expected ;) Erol took K and F outside, and eventually over to the JC (student union). Then, Kwamai came running in to tell me Felicity had fallen, not that badly, but she was all shaken. And it seemed she was a bit ticked that she was missing the music. I did manage to take in the majority of the concert, and Kwamai had a few of the reception snacks. Which was of course the real reason we did not leave early; Kwamai saw the food being set out, and would have no talk of an early departure.

Culture and kiddos, the early years!

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