Tuesday, April 3, 2007

And Then There Was Today... Part One, the Lip Story

I won't go into every detail of today, mostly because I didn't make note of things and so I don't remember every detail of today! But, Poor Felicity, she had a couple unfortunate things happen.

Every Tuesday, more or less, Felicity and I go to visit a 90 year old woman from our parish who lives in a nursing home. Usually this is during Kwamai's Catechesis of the Good Shepherd time. This being Holy Week, there was no atrium, so Kwamai came along. He's a half way decent sport about it, but these outings definitely fall in the category of a sacrifice for him. He's not much for being hugged and kissed by elderly folks. Felicity does fine, perhaps mostly because she can't remember a time when she hasn't gone to visit Mrs. Juliano.

Today as we were leaving, Felicity was so excited about running over to see the statue of Mary in front of the building that she lost her footing and landed smack on her face in the parking lot. Big ouch! She was screaming, of course, as I picked her up, standing there stupidly, lost for what to do. There was someone leaving work who "suggested" I take her inside, so I ran her back in. One of the nurses who absolutely adores Felicity jumped into action and got the cloth to clean her up, and another grabbed ice, and they whisked us into a back room, away from the mutual upset of all the people watching her. Fortunately she's fine, just bit hard into her lip. Someone brought Kwamai in as he was even more frozen than I was outside. He bargained for a bag of M&Ms, which he fed to Felicity, and that cheered them both up. And probably caffeinated them both pretty well, as Kwamai is still squirming trying to get to sleep at 10:45, and Felicity was late in going down, too.

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