Friday, March 20, 2009

Classic Kwamai-ism

While playing with the broom pole:

"Hey mom, guess what? I got the nine ball in the corner pocket. I'm playing poker."

Blessed are the Peacemakers

... and those who forgive.

Kwamai went to a birthday party yesterday, and he brought home as a little party favor a plastic torpedo-shaped toy to use in a swimming pool. It lay on the dining room table this morning, and Felicity came upon it, and suddenly it was the most interesting thing in the house. Felicity wanted to play with it, which of course made Kwamai want to play with it. Fights ensued. No one was really playing with it, but everyone wanted to hold it and prevent the other from playing with it. After law enforcement was called in (aka Mom) to prevent physical beatings as a part of this process and some restraints were put in place, I set a timer. Felicity had five minutes to play with it, and then Kwamai had five minutes. Well, after two of Kwamai's minutes, Felicity suggested a truce and asked if she could play army man set up with Kwamai, promising not to take the torpedo. Kwamai readily forgave and agreed, and that game morphed into several others. Peace reigns.


Now for the rest of the morning.

Now Kwamai is busy composing (and singing at the top of his lungs) a song called "Stop Copying Me." Must get him signed up for youth choir.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Reconciliation

Yesterday was Kwamai's first reconciliation in preparation for receiving his first Holy Communion and Confirmation in April. He was a bit nervous about the whole thing. All 23 kids who are receiving sacraments this year in our parish gathered for the prayer service. And when the priests announced the time to head to the confessionals, Kwamai ran to the front of the line. He returned with a broad smile on his face. When I mentioned the fact of his smile to him, he said "I'm blushing!"

We didn't get official pictures of this sacrament (of course), but a friend did take a few of him playing tag with the other boys in the church hall afterwards. I'll post some if we can make him out on any of them.