Friday, May 11, 2007

A Crazy Week

I don't recall a week in which we've had such a whirlwind in quite a while.

Monday: well, it was such a blur that I don't even remember now. It did involve going to the library and visiting the park near the Cathedral, though. And we did have to go and pick up Erol from his van because

Tuesday: was election day, and Erol worked at it. We all got up early (Erol much more than any of the rest of us!), and Kwamai and Felicity accompanied me to Bridgeville for my Dr. Wang appointment. We made it back in time for noon Mass, then met Erol for lunch. Kwamai stayed with Erol awhile afterwards while Felicity and I did some errands. Then Kwamai was off to Catechesis for his last Tuesday until the fall, and Felicity and I went to visit Mrs. Juliano. Then we were off to the May Crowning at church, followed by cake. Kwamai, Felicity and I then went to wait for Erol to finish with his election business, and explored the large parking lot and nearby puddles. I think we eventually all went to sleep that night.

Wednesday: The youngers and I again got up early to take our car in for review/repair, some follow up from the episode of March of being backed up into by an SUV. We were spared the walk back from Mass by our neighbor who happened to be at the same Mass. Felicity and Kwamai both love the steps, but it was a hot day. We were also spared the walk back down by the same neighbor, who was heading down to pick up kids from school and offered a ride at just the right time.

Thursday: Our reason for getting up early this yesterday was to go to School of Community, and to drop off an old bread machine to a girl heading home from University whose mother's friend belongs to the same Unschooling yahoo group as myself, and has a son who likes to take things apart. We whizzed up to Mass after SC, Kwamai and Felicity had very busy play schedules outside while I worked on the usual keeping household chaos at bay. We went up to the University after dinner for the Lay Apostles rosary. Kwamai mostly played outside and Felicity investigated works of art. Felicity had a mysterious barf on the way to the car, but a bath was had by all and bed soon followed.

Friday: No noon Mass on campus today due to graduation tomorrow, so we went to Holy Rosary for early Mass. Felicity amazingly noticed that their statue of Mary holding baby Jesus was not in the same place it was when we visited there almost six weeks ago. Sure enough, they moved it to the front of the church for their May Crowning. We picked up our food coop order and had breakfast in enough time to get to the chiropractor, where all three of us had our bones rearranged. Kwamai's cough and wheeze have all but disappeared. It will be interesting to me to see if the heightened allergy season in fall brings on another round of it for him. Dr. Ross was concerned upon hearing the Felicity had taken a tumble down some steps (see this post) and was subsequently coughing at night, something she is still persisting at. Hopefully her crack will help her! Upon returning home, Kwamai played with the Cutlers as I had arranged and Felicity and I went back to Bridgeville this afternoon for more needling for me. She sat next to me for the whole hour or so and munched her snacks and dug through my purse and hardly made more than a peep the whole time, except to comment to me every once in a while. She napped on the way there and on the way back, which is something she needed given all of our getting up early we've done this week.

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