Sunday, May 6, 2007

St. John Vianney, Pancakes and Doughnuts

Kwamai had a big weekend. Today was a Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast at St. Peter's, so Erol was there working all morning. Kwamai got up (the first thing I heard this morning was "Papa! I got up before my alarm!") to go with Erol by 7 to get the breakfast fixings ready.

We did the Saturday night vigil for Mass, so Felicity and I managed to have a little sleep in. But today was also the second meeting of the new St. John Vianney club at Holy Family, a place for boys to hear about the seminary and priesthood, and to hang out with other boys. AND it was doughnut Sunday. So, Kwamai decided he would leave one event to attend the other, and then return back to the first. He did, however, need quite a bit of parental assistance in holding to his decision as first he didn't want to leave St. Peter's and then he didn't want to leave Holy Family.

As I came into Malara Hall at the close of the Doughnut Sunday/St. John Vianney club meeting, what I found was Kwamai in the middle of a group of boys (and one girl), doing various karate kicks (all without actually touching anyone, thankfully), and everyone pretending to be defending themselves against him. I realized at that moment that Kwamai has a lot of potential as a leader. It's just a matter of harnessing that potential! (:-o)

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