Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kwamai's Spiritual Ponderings

Occasionally Kwamai and I get into "mini-conversations", usually in the car, and usually within a few blocks of home, that I truly wish we could carry on longer. Patience, I know. He's 5.

Today Kwamai told me that while he believes in Jesus, he doesn't believe, yet, that Jesus is alive. He said it just that way, indicating that he has every anticipation of believing at some point, when his experience or understanding catches up with his expectation or desire. He wants a Jesus he can see and hear and play soccer with, I think. That, to him, is being alive.

He asks me how I know Jesus is alive, and I tell him I know based on my experience of Him. Of course, developmentally he sees things in a very concrete way. I think this is normal. And it kind of excites me to see what will happen when he is more able to abstract a bit.

It also makes me want to get reading a book I purchased some time ago called The Religious Potential of the Child.

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