Friday, June 1, 2007

So, What's New With Felicity

A quick Felicity update. Her favorite thing to request these days is "Chinese food". She enjoys the video There Goes a Helicopter and cannot bear having food or water spilled on her clothes. Her hair is curling up a storm now that it is longer and the humidity is pretty intense. She loves Bob the Builder and can sing the entire theme song from the video. She is infatuated with books about using the potty. She is a serious fan of going to the library and will sit at the table to eat a meal for nearly a half hour, as long as she is hungry and Kwamai is not there to distract her. Oh yes, and one of her newest habits is repeating the first word of her sentence about 10 times before getting to the rest of it.

This just-snapped picture makes her look like she is sunburned, but she really isn't!

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