Monday, June 18, 2007

Library List, June 18

Some renewed, some newly checked out. With the current heat and not having our AC on until after the ducts are cleaned Wednesday, we opted for lots of videos focusing on water themes. Here's the current list:

Bob the Builder, Snowed Under
Kipper, Fun in the Sun
Leap Frog, Letter Factory
Wiggles, Sailing Around the World
Cells and Systems, Holly Wallace
Scooby Doo and the Creepy Chef
Roley and the Rock Star
Arthur and the Dog Show
Inventors and their Discoveries
Jazzy in the Jungle, Lucy Cousins
Microbes, John Lammert
Microscopic Life in the Home, Brian Ward
Maps, Andrew Haslam
Yuck!, Robert Snedden
The Zoo on You: life on human skin, Harry Breidahl
Universe Beneath the Sea
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Zoo Life: Creatures of the Deep
Rainbow Fish: School of Fish
Animal Safari: A Learning Journey
Teletubbies: The Magic Pumpkin
Kingdom Under the Sea: Return of the King
Rainbow Fish: High Tide Heroes
Wiggles: Yummy, Yummy

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