Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's Been Quiet

Just on the blog, of course -- never in real life!

We've spent the last week at Vacation Bible School, with me doing the music, Kwamai participating, and Felicity hanging out with the tiny tots in the play room. The theme was "Win the World for Jesus". Kwamai learned quite a few thing about missionaries and saints, and was occasionally moved with the desire to be a saint or missionary himself. Of course, such things are rather fleeting in a nearly - 6 year old, but I'll take the moments as they arise!
He's also gotten interested in Native American culture as a result of hearing about St. Isaac Jogues. So, note to self to follow up on that.

Last night, after the closing VBS Mass, concert and party, we came home and got to reading from our Fr. Lovasik book of saints. Today he made some posters with various holy pictures on them. However, he did sort of peter out on his second plan, which was to be exactly like Jesus.

He was especially excited to find pictures of Jesus playing soccer and basketball. As he was working with them, I heard him say "Jesus played soccer when He was little..."

This is his first poster, which includes a picture of his godfather with Pope John Paul II.

Here is the second poster, with those Jesus-as-sportsman pictures.

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