Monday, January 29, 2007

Wicked Smart!

Ok, I have to say it. Felicity is amazingly smart. She is at 21 months now, and has a vocabulary of, I'd say, several hundred words. As I look around the house I'm hard pressed to see something that she doesn't know the name of. She really "gets" language. She has the concept of "one doll, two dolls", and is beginning to learn the alphabet. Today I was doing some ironing while she was around the corner watching a Wiggles video. I noted that as she sang along to the songs, she got out a good majority of the words. I thought it was really weird when she started speaking in sentences at 13 months. But she really hasn't stopped. And I'm finding it easier to believe that when I thought I heard her calling me "Mama, Mama" from about 12 weeks, she actually was.

Last weekend she spotted Erol's old Franciscan University student ID card laying upside down on our hutch. I turned it over and told her that the picture was of "little boy Papa", meaning the picture from 10 years ago made him look so much younger. Two days later, she saw my old Franciscan ID card upside down on the dresser in the bedroom. She pointed and said "little boy Papa!". Mind you, it is just a white card with a bar code on the back, not even a picture to identify it. So of course I told her, no, that's little girl Mama. (Don't ask me why we have these old things laying around the house!)

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