Saturday, February 3, 2007

Kwamai the Entertainer

Kwamai was in all his glory tonight. We have a guest staying with us this evening from Arizona who is here to check out Franciscan University. So, we invited some students over for a nice turkey dinner (the one we didn't use at Thanksgiving time). Kwamai had everyone in stitches every time he opened his mouth. Seven college-aged girls, and our family. After dinner, Kwamai led everyone in a round of the Wiggle board game. It was actually very pleasant for me to wash dishes to the sound of belly laughter coming from the other room just about every minute.

He also managed to be the evening's photographer, and made others feel comfortable with wanting to capture the moment on .... not film, what does one say these days, anyway? Anyway, wanting to take pictures themselves. (As I sat listening to these girls talk about their cell phones I really started to feel old and "out of it" in terms of the latest technology.)

He's just Mr. Social.

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