Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kwamai Reads

Kwamai has had some reluctance toward reading. I think it is part his desire to do things perfectly, part my tendency to be impatient with him and part him just not being ready.

But yesterday we set a goal of learning 16 new words by Saturday.

Today I picked up

The Foot Book. With my help along the way, Kwamai read the whole thing! He was extremely pleased with himself. He prefers to read pictures and guess what the word is. But I could tell how much he has learned since the last time we tried this type of "dive in and read" approach.

The moment he finished and we exchanged hoots and high fives, the doorbell rang. It was his neighbor friend who is also learning to read. I sang the praises of Kwamai's accomplishment, and of course he had to show her how much he had learned. He really persevered to read it through again without my help this time. The two of them egg each other on because they like to out-preform each other.

I know this felt really good to him today, and it felt good to Mom too. :)

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