Saturday, January 26, 2008

Felicity Writes!

Kwamai was busy creating a game and I had just given Felicity her own used calendar and crayon to draw. Suddenly Kwamai yelled out, "Felicity just wrote her first numbers!" Lo and behold, on the calendar square for the 29th, she wrote a very neat and legible 26. She did say she was trying to write 29, but hey, a great accomplishment nonetheless!
She then embellished the remainder of the calendar with the typical scribbles and squiggles.

The scribe. You probably don't want to elarge the picture and be grossed out by how dirty her nose is.

By the way, she has been obsessed with learning alphabet in the last 24 hours and learned to spell "bus" this morning. Let's sign her up for University.

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