Sunday, October 21, 2007

Literal Felicity

It is so funny to listen to Kwamai and Felicity talk to each other. Felicity's language skills are to the point where there isn't a lot of noticeable difference between her sentences and his sentences, except this thing of using completely literal meanings of everything. She doesn't understand the more advanced nuances, double meanings, humor, etc. that Kwamai does. Everything just means exactly what the words literally convey.

So last night they were both in the bathtub and my goal was to get them out, so I opened the tub drain. Kwamai disappointedly saw the water receding, so he said to her "Look, Felicity, the water!" She dutifully looked down into the water, looked up at him and said, "Yes, I see that Kwamai!"

They almost qualify as a stand-up comedy act. At least we can assume her self-esteem gets quite the boost when everyone is always laughing and smiling whenever she says something.