Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kwamai, Bursting into Song: I Created The Cosmos

Yes, burst he does.

Lunch time, for some reason, seems to bring out the songwriter in Kwamai. He goes for loud and long, with lots and lots of verses. Today while I was getting lunch together I grabbed a pen and paper to jot down some of the lines I was able to (speed, memory, and the inability to write while laughing were all obstacles).

The song title today was "I Created The Cosmos". He sang it probably 25 times before he asked me what "cosmos" meant. I missed over half of it, but here are some of the lines of the song. Get the scene of him standing in front of the mirror, singing loudly and repeating most of these lines several times.

My eyebrows are made out of silk.
I made the cosmos.
My shoes are made out of cotton.
My whole entire nose is bright red.
I am so weak I cannot lift up anything.
I am so made out of a platform.
I am the cosmic man.
My Mom is younger than me even if I'm her kid.
She stopped growing and I just keep growing so I'm an old bitty.
And I can become any age I want.
My teeth are made out of hay.
But they are so hard they can bite anything and break it to bits.
I created the cosmos.
I am the cosmic man.

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Cindy said...

What an imagination! I am begining to see what you mean in your posts on UC.. he is very busy and unique! Does your brain get tired trying to keep up? lol

neat kid!