Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Felicity is Quotable, Too

There is so much talking going on in our house. I often think of that Groucho Marx quip when Kwamai is around that goes "[he] talks so much I think he was vaccinated with a phonograph needle!" I don't know how many times a day I am asking him to please be quiet, if just for a moment or two. I guess it's not fair, entirely. Sometimes it seems he starts a sentence about 30 seconds before becoming fully awake and finally ends that sentence just before he drifts off to sleep for the night.

Kwamai and Felicity both talk in their sleep, too, by the way.

Felicity is coming out with some of the cutest phrases these days. Many of them have to do with nursing. At Mass last week during the Agnus Dei when she really wanted me to sit down and nurse her, she called out "Have mercy on the boo-boo!" Today we happened to see a girl at the University riding a unicycle. She said to me, "Look Mama, person riding on a wheel!"

Letters are her current fascination, and she is learning to sing the alphabet song. We have some foam letters that she plays with from time to time. This morning Kwamai was trying to show her how he could make his body into a Y, and noted how it looks like a person raising their hands, praising God. He started singing "Praise the Lord", and she held her arms like his and said "Praise Baby Jesus".

This afternoon we came across the foam letter X. I said to her "what letter is this?" And she responded "X!". Then I went in the other room, and I heard her repeat to herself over and over "What letter is this? It's X!"

The cute-topper was tonight, as I was heading out grocery shopping. I had said goodbye to Erol and Kwamai and given them kisses. Felicity was busy looking at a book. I was in the kitchen ready to leave when Felicity came dashing out saying "Hug me! Hug me!" Of course, my heart melting into a little puddle I reached down to hug her. She dashed back off just as quickly, calling "Bye-bye!"

Now I really understand why I stay up for a few hours after everyone else is in bed. And I also remember the days (years!) where I dreaded all the silence I lived with. It truly is all worth it. Maybe I'll just keep earplugs in my pocket for the times I really need a break ;)

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