Monday, February 25, 2008

Mama, I Want to HELP You!!

We have such a helpful daughter. Insistent, yet helpful.

Today as she was watching a new favorite video all about clocks and learning to tell time (she insists it is about clocks; Kwamai insists on the proper title, Time, and yes they will argue it back and forth with great passion), Felicity heard me emerge from the basement with a basket of laundry. She was in a fit of tears. I quickly surmised the problem was that I had dared to do something without her help. Getting things from the dryer has become her job, thank you very much, and how dare I usurp it from her. So, back to the basement we went, and she emptied the entire basket, one item at a time, back into the dryer, and then took them back out again, one item at a time. She allowed me to capture the process in a picture.

While she was busy at work, my thoughts went to the deep freezer behind me and how I could get some hamburger up for lunch tomorrow. I popped over, grabbed the beef, and re-emerged to another flood of tears. She wanted to help! Ok, ok. The beef went back in, she retrieved it for me, and was pleased. She then announced it was far too cold to linger downstairs, so why were we down there so long? Hmmm, why hadn't I thought of that?

Felicity also loves to help me cook, either by holding her hand over mine as I chop, stir, whisk or what not, or by the ever-popular taste-testing.

And yes, you bet that is a summer sun dress in the picture. She occasionally admits to being cold, and she will humor me by agreeing to tights when we go out, but she is almost always down to her barest essentials at home.

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molly said...

What a loving and patience mother you are.