Friday, February 15, 2008

Kwam the Reader

This is kind of a "more of the same" post, but I am amazed at how Kwamai's reading has taken off. This week at the library he pulled a book off the shelf and started reading it out loud. His ability and his interest have met, and a lot of times I can't get him to stop even when I think his eyes have had enough! The computer game Dragon Fable is largely responsible for igniting his interest. His natural tendency is to figure things out from pictures or graphics instead of words, but he is learning to respect how important words, and being able to read them, are. For example, today he accidentally uninstalled a game program that he meant to open instead, because he clicked the box that said "uninstall" instead of "open". They both had similar icons. Felicity on the other hand is always asking what words say. She's drawn to the text.

There's probably some developmental reason for this, but Kwamai's overall behavior has gotten much milder and happier in the last few weeks as well. That gives me a happy sigh!

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