Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Language Mastery

Kwamai produces so many bloggable bits. The trick is just remembering them long enough to record them. Here's a great one from today.

The scene: Kwamai is playing Legos with his neighbor friend. "Zap!" he says. "Now your guy is monsterlized -- that means he's been turned into a monster."

And I thought to myself, this is why they call it your "native tongue". Kids can just feel how their language works, and then make it do almost as many interesting things as their Lego sets!

Felicity is our Yes girl. Or more precisely, our "yeah" girl. She says yeah, usually with meaning, all day long. Oh, she will occasionally say no, if that is what she means. I am thinking she is working on right hemisphere development right now, because a few months ago she would babble up a storm, even in sentences. Now, she is engrossed in observations and takes it all in saying "yeah".

Another of Felicity's usual speech patterns is her love for definite articles. "The doggie", "the chair", "a book". And of course "the baby", which usually is a self-reference.

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