Thursday, November 30, 2006

Greg Page

Erol sent me the email this morning: Unfortunately, Felicity will be heart-broken. The local news reported this morning that Greg Page is in poor health and is thus resigning from The Wiggles.

Now, for those of you not up on toddler music, Greg Page is the lead singer from the hit Australian kiddie group The Wiggles. They are a new favorite of Felicity's. They were a favorite of Kwamai's a few years back, and definitely have etched their mark in our family's culture.

Turns out Greg's illness is not fatal, just chronic, but his departure certainly marks the end of an era. I figure parents will probably be more sad than kids, who might not notice that a different guy is in the bright yellow shirt.

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Papa said...

The Yellow Wiggle will be missed by Americans and Australians alike.