Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Play Day

Kwamai and Felicity spent the better portion of the day today playing with the two neighbor girls. They were busy arranging the many, many Little Tykes toys we've had lurking under our back porch, in a gated off undercroft now known as "the ground hog home." (I'll let you guess why!) They arranged all the toys and furniture "just so" to create a combination beauty and pizza parlor. Then, after they arranged it all, they spent a couple of hours playing with it, followed by an obligatory water fight. I had invited the girls over for pizza (which I made just for the youngers, to eat outside, together -- do you hear clandestine planning for a "night in" for Erol & me?). After pizza and some more playing, Felicity settled back into the house and Kwamai remained off playing. He always mourns not having "enough time" to play with the girls. So, hopefully today gave him a necessary shot in the arm.

I should have pictures, but I don't. Maybe tomorrow.

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