Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flip Flops

is the name of the latest craze!

We bought Kwamai a pair while at Shopko (buying a new air mattress). Felicity didn't seem too interested, and they had none in pink or in her size. But we all quickly discovered that she was just as interested, and even declared green her new favorite color. At one point a significant fight ensued, which finally resolved with Felicity consenting to return Kwamai's shoes, and a pledge from Papa to buy her her own. I told those adults assembled, "and you think brokering peace in the Middle East is hard work!"

And yes, if you look closely you will noticed Felicity has hers on the opposite feet. The amazing thing is she can point out left and right correctly and will say "I have left on left and right on right" or "left on right and right on left".

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