Thursday, August 9, 2007

Birthday Pictures

It was hard to get pictures yesterday due to the fast-moving action, but I did manage to get a few to capture the feel of the day.

This depicts the unwrapping of Tama Bonnie presents. In the background you can see one bulging bucket of water balloons.

Here is Kwamai posing with his new swords.

This shows the balloons: almost finished filling those buckets!

We fast-forward to cake and ice cream time. We tried at least to get a group shot.

Some quieter members of the group (not that I obsess about noise level or anything!)

Kwamai opens his gifts. And he received nice ones, too!

There was, of course, a lot of interest in checking out those nice toys, and seeing who would get to "demonstrate" for Kwamai how they worked.

Birthday boy was a little tired out by all the events of the day. That is, until his next door neighbor friends came home from vacation two hours after the party ended! Here he has a reflective moment watching his jack spin around.

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