Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today's Day In the Life

Here's what life looks like at home today. Kwamai is building various robots with legos, inspired by this morning's reading of Transformers, an amazingly technical book all about the characters of the Transformer books/movie. Felicity is looking through her stack of library books. She has various dolls and toys down for naps, around the auto shop pop up book which was yesterday's fascination. Oh, the one element you can't perceive here is the jazzy music in the background.
They both had a good sleep in this morning, which means we didn't go to School of Community. The SC is more my thing, but they enjoy playing with the children of the other moms who attend. After a very loud and rousing thunderstorm last night, I figured sleeping in was going to suit all of us better than yet another morning of trying to get somewhere at a certain time.