Monday, March 12, 2007

Felicity's Doings

One of Felicity's current interests is putting baby dolls to bed. They sleep all over the house, on chairs, on the couch, on the floor, and are often covered by little scraps of something, or they just lay face down. Jesus and Mary also go night-night, but they always have to be together, of course. Felicity has pretty much moved over to her own bed (well, she and Kwamai share) for going night-night herself, at least until she hears me come to bed, and then she gets nursing fever again.

Yesterday we had lunch at a Chinese place, and before the food came Felicity was interested in visiting the restroom. After dinner, she was getting a bit bored with the ladies room, so I asked her if she wanted Papa to show her the men's room. She excitedly said yes, and ran out to the table shouting "Papa, I wanna see the men's room!" Fortunately we were pretty much alone in the place at the time! Kwamai and I had a good laugh over that as they went off to explore.

It is interesting that she will repeat almost perfectly just about anything I say to her. One of the big exceptions I can think of is her own name. She's said it once, but if she makes a self-reference she either says "Baby" or "Tee". But she also usually doesn't repeat as a performance (Like "Felicity, say '...'"). You can completely forget that if you are not an immediate family member. She will barely say boo to an adult she's not used to.

So, it really is an honor to listen to her babble away, because I know we are her introverted comfort zone.

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